Search criteria in Norwegian systems without matching USE-values

USE Name of term Term definition Syntax Area of use Examples MARC21 field/subfield
  Composition Type of composition [Mus] Two.letter Code Searching for music (scores and sound recordings) Blues: bl Opera: op 008 pos.18-19
  Musical presentation statement Musical presentation statement [Mus].The description of the format of en edition of a work such as etc. Index term Searching for musical scores full score
miniature score
voice score
008 pos. 20
  Intellectual level Target audience such as todlers, preschools, etc. One character Code Limiting factor in literary searches Adults: a
Age 0 - 5: l
Easyreader: q
008 pos.22
  Form of item Form of material (large print, braille etc.) One character Code Limiting factor in literary searches Large print: d Braille: f 008 pos 23
  Literary form Literary form (fiction, non-fiction, drama, essays etc.) (Mon) One character Code Limiting factor in literary searches Not fiction: 0 Fiction: 1 Comic strips: c Drama: d 008 pos.33
  EAN European article number (EAN) A 13-digit number where 1-3: type of merchandise 4-12: ISBN minus check digit (if type is book) 13: check digit Searching for specific items A book with ISBN 82-03-15849-8 gets the EAN: 978820315490   NORMARC 025 $a
  Instrumentation Instrumentation [Mus] Two-letter Code Searching for music (scores and sound recordings) Piano: ka Violin: sa 048 $a
   CRCS CRCS (Computing Review Classification Scheme) Code of form: X.n.m.... Where X is a capital letter, n and m etc. are digits and the full stops indicate the hierarchy. Subject search Database theory: H.2.0 NORMARC 062 $a
  GPO Governmental Publication Number (GPO item number) Code consisting of letters and digits. Searching for governmental documents Brochure from the Directorate oh Health: IK-2083 Brochure from the Ministry of Law: G-030 074 $a
  nationality nationality (author) Code consisting of two lowercase letters Qualifying names Norwegian: no NORMARC 1xx $j
  edition Edition Free text Limiting searches to specific editions 2nd. ed. Medium-high voice ed. 250 $a
  scale The scale( Matematical data) [Map] of the map such as: 1:5000 1:n Limiting factor in searching for maps 1:5000 1:100000 255 $a
  projection projection (Map) (see also 007 pos 22-23) Name of projection Limiting factor in searching for maps Conic, Aitoff, Gall 255 $b
  equinox equinox (Map) Name of equinox Limiting factor in searching for maps eq.1950 255 $e
  Projected publication date Planned publication date used in bibliographic records. Usually given as yymm Four-letter Code of the form yymm Acquisition November 87: 8711 263 $a
  Publication date or volume designation Dates of publication and/or volume designation [Per]. Start and end of a publication/serial. free text   Vol.1, no.1 (Apr. 1981)- Vol.1, no.1(Apr.1983)-v.1,no3(June 1983) 362 $a
  Subject - uniform title Subject added entry - uniform title free text Subject search Bible 630 $a
  Subject - genre/form Subject added entry - Genre/form Index terms Subject search Dictionaries Signing patterns Home page 655 $a
  Subject - occupation Subject added entry - occupation Index term Subject search Biologist Teacher 656 $a
  Subject - function Subject added entry - function Index term Subject search   657 $a
  HUMORD HUMORD subject headings Index term Subject search   NORMARC 698 $a
  NTUB NTUB subject headings Index term Subject search   NORMARC 699 $a
  Main series title Main series entry title      760 $t
  Subseries title Subseries entry title      762 $t
  Original language series title Original language entry title      765 $t
  Translation series title Translation entry title      767 $t
  Parent record title Parent record entry title      772 $t
  Issued with title Issued with entry title      777 $t
  Preceding part's title Preceding entry title      780 $t
  Reference from personal name See reference from personal name name normalised      NORMARC 900 $a
  Reference from corporate name See reference from corporate name name direct order      NORMARC 910 $a
  Reference from conference-, meeting-, exhibition-name See reference from conference-, meeting-, exhibition-name etc. Name direct order      NORMARC 911 $a
  Reference from uniform title See reference from uniform title title      NORMARC 930 $a
  Reference from title See reference from title title      NORMARC 940 $a