NorZIG context set

Version 1.0, 2008-05-14


The NorZIG context set defines the unique indexes that servers must support to conform to the NorZIG profile for SRU.

The recommended prefix for the NorZIG context set is: norzig.

The identifier for the NorZIG context set is: info:srw/cql-context-set/15/norzig-1.0


Index nameDescriptionBib-1 Use attribute1
conferenceNameConference name3
corporateNameCorporate name2
creatorConferenceA conference name identified as the author1006
creatorCorporateAn organization or a group of people that is identified as the author1005
creatorNormalizedA personal or corporate author, or a conference or meeting name, in normalized form21003
creatorPersonalNameNormalizedAn author's personal name in normalized form21004
deweyA classification number from the Dewey Decimal Classification13
docidAn identifier or Doc-ID, assigned by a server, that uniquely identifies a document on that server1032
nationalBibliographyNumberCharacter string that uniquely identifies a record in a national bibliography48
personalNameNormalizedA person's name in normalized form21
possessingInstitutionA code or name that identifies the institution that possesses the item1044
remoteSystemClassificationNumberA local classification number from a system not specified elsewhere in the Bib-1 attribute set20
titleSeriesCollective title applying to a group of separate, but related, items5
udcA classification number from the Universal Decimal Classification14


  1. These attributes are fully described in the document Attribute Set Bib-1 (Z39.50-1995): Semantics.
  2. The syntax for a name in normalized form is last name, first name(s), including the comma. Example: bringsværd, tor åge.